At Trenam, we are committed to helping our clients with more than just their legal matters. We strive to thoroughly understand you, your enterprise, and your goals – so we can provide solutions completely tailored to address your legal, business, and personal needs.

We can assist you with:

  • Anticipating, Prosecuting, and Defending Lawsuits In and Out of Court
    When business disputes arise, you want to protect your business and financial interests while resolving issues quickly so you can get back to doing what you do well: running your company. Trenam attorneys act as your trusted legal advisors to preemptively anticipate disputes to safeguard your assets and structure your unique contractual obligations and other business relationships in order to minimize risk and avoid litigation.
  • Buying, Selling or Establishing a Business
    Establishing, buying, or selling a business can be both complex and costly, particularly if not done correctly from the outset. Trenam attorneys will strive to understand your business model before helping you to plan and create a legal framework for the proposed transaction.
  • Doing Business in Tampa Bay and Throughout Florida
    Doing business in Tampa Bay and throughout Florida means you need to navigate your way through many specific state and local laws and regulations in order to effectively operate and grow your enterprise. Trenam attorneys are business partners who deliver customized legal solutions to resolve your business challenges and any legislative or regulatory concerns.
  • Your Commercial and Multi-Use Property Matters
    As a developer or an investor seeking opportunities in a dynamic commercial real estate market, you are faced with navigating a complex web of legal and business obstacles specific to each deal. Trenam attorneys work diligently to understand your unique challenges and build an effective business and legal approach to move your deal forward.
  • Executing Business Reorganizations and Work Outs
    Even the most successful companies may face financial difficulties. When your business gets involved in bankruptcy protection proceedings or liquidation – whether as the debtor, secured, or unsecured creditor – there are a range of stakeholders with competing interests to contend with, as each party tries to maximize their potential recovery. Trenam attorneys are wholly experienced with the complex issues surrounding bankruptcy and insolvency-related matters.
  • Serving as Local Counsel
    We are uniquely positioned to assist out of state attorneys based on our extensive experience in Florida’s state and federal courtrooms, both virtually and live, and our work in tax, corporate, and real estate matters.
  • Managing Employer/Employee Relations
    Whether you are running a small family business or a Fortune 500 enterprise, employees are essential to your business’ success. Trenam attorneys work as your trusted legal and business partners to position your workforce and company for success.
  • Preserving Your Personal and Family Wealth
    Whether you are a high-net-worth individual, a closely-held or family business, a family office, or a charitable organization, preserving and protecting your wealth for yourself and future generations is an important goal with plenty of potentially unforeseen challenges to overcome. Trenam attorneys work with you to understand your financial goals, and then develop a multi-disciplinary approach to designing a personalized plan that reflects your priorities.