Even the most successful companies may face financial difficulties.  When your business gets involved in bankruptcy protection proceedings or liquidation – whether as the debtor, secured, or unsecured creditor – there are a range of stakeholders with competing interests to contend with, as each party tries to maximize their potential recovery.

Trenam attorneys are wholly experienced with the complex issues surrounding bankruptcy and insolvency-related matters.  We work as partners to understand your specific concerns and identify the best options for your business goals.

Our highly ranked team will help you understand how a single decision affecting one asset or liability can shape the entire outcome of your case. We represent corporate debtors, Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy trustees, creditor and equity committees, financial institutions in commercial foreclosures, and business clients in workout and restructuring matters. Trenam attorneys meticulously guide you through the variety of out-of-court workouts, loan modifications, restructurings, and foreclosure options available to you, as well as with collections and enforcement of security interests and judgments.

Trenam’s team will assist you with:

  • Developing a strategy to maximize recovery for unsecured and secured creditors and landlords
  • Navigating Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases as trustees and examiners to maximize recoveries for creditors and to allocate meaningful distributions
  • Purchasing distressed assets both in and out of bankruptcy
  • Litigating bankruptcy-related disputes, including representing debtors for confirmation of Chapter 11 reorganization plans, as well as representing both plaintiffs and defendants in preference and fraudulent transfer actions and appeals
  • Handling debt turned over to management by special assets departments and officers at banks
  • Preparing for and representing clients in appellate bankruptcy proceedings.

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