Nonprofit organizations face a wide range of legal issues, some of which are the same issues faced by for profit entities, but many are special issues applicable only to nonprofit/tax exempt organizations.

Trenam lawyers have experience not only with addressing the legal issues nonprofit organizations face, but also understand the impact of the operational issues an organization may have. This is principally because of our knowledge of the nonprofit landscape in the community we serve as lawyers. This knowledge and sensitivity comes from services on over 100 boards and committees of local nonprofit charities. The firm’s commitment to nonprofit organizations is further demonstrated by providing charitable support for these organizations, in the many ways we give back to our community whether it is serving on boards, or donation of time and talent.

Trenam Law has experience representing nonprofit entities operating a broad range of activities and areas of focus, including museums, hospitals, health organizations, social service organizations, educational foundations, private foundations, colleges and universities, charter schools, community benefit organizations, religious organizations, performing arts organizations, visual arts organizations, civic organizations, military support organizations, voluntary bar and professional associations, animal protection organizations, homeowner and condominium associations, trade associations, and social clubs. We serve as counsel to these types of entities, through their administration and their boards.

Our Experience Includes

  • Formation and tax-exempt qualification
  • Governance and entity operation
  • Federal and State taxation issues
  • Contracts, including employment contracts
  • Wealth and gift planning
  • Endowments and endowment policies
  • Insurance issues
  • Partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures relating to tax-exempt purposes
  • Conflict of interest and ethics issues relating to charities
  • Intellectual property
  • Benefit and compensation issues.
  • Compliance with state and federal governmental regulations
  • Litigation of all types relating to nonprofit entities in all courts and the resolution of litigation through cost-effective negotiation and mediation
  • Real estate sales and leasing transactions