The tax laws are highly complex, often ambiguous, and not widely understood. They pose incredible planning opportunities for the astute as well as severe pitfalls for the unaware.

Trenam’s tax lawyers provide high-quality, comprehensive and creative tax-related advice to achieve tax efficient, predictable and well-thought-out results for the firm’s clients. In addition to counseling and guiding individuals, businesses and non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in all phases of tax planning, compliance and controversy, Trenam’s tax lawyers have also become a trusted, “go to” source of co-counsel assistance for boutique and smaller law firms that do not have tax attorneys on staff.

Areas in which our tax lawyers apply their tax expertise under federal, state and local tax laws include:
  • Entity formation and selection
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including spin offs and divestitures
  • Partnership taxation
  • Private equity and venture funding focused issues
  • Estate Planning
  • Executive Compensation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Debt workout related planning
  • Basic “inbound” and “outbound” planning

The structure of Trenam’s Business Transactions Practice has historically reflected, and continues to reflect, a long-standing focus on tax issues and attention to the tax-aspects of the business transactions. As a result, the Trenam lawyers who primarily focus on tax law matters will routinely work with and handle non-tax aspects of business transactions; and, similarly, most of the business transactions lawyers at Trenam who do not primarily focus on providing tax law advice are nevertheless generally familiar with and keenly sensitive to tax-related issues. We believe this approach adds substantial value to the services we provide and helps to minimize the risks that tax issues are overlooked or neglected in everyday practice.

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